Growing beets from seed #shorts

Beets are one of the easiest and fast-growing vegetables you can grow. They're almost never troubled by pests or diseases. One more good news is that you probably will barely meet weeds in your barrel. They just need at least 6 hours of sun to thrive. if you are a beginner try to grow beets!

How to grow beets in a wine barrel?

  1. Fill about half your wine barrel with potting soil.
  2. Plant beet seeds a half-inch deep and spaced 2–3 inches apart. Beets like cool weather so sowing is required before April at the latest.
  3. Water deeply and thoroughly and do not let the soil become dry. 
  4. In 8-10 weeks you will have fresh beets from your pot.
Don't forget the beet green salads.:)

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